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Welcome to, its our pleasure to help parents of troubled teens find Christian boarding schools, therapeutic boarding schools, residential treatment centers, wilderness therapy programs, and more for troubled teens, boys and girls.  Our Family Advocates are the best in the industry.  They are on standby waiting to help you to find the perfect therapeutic option for your child. Call 866-439-4818 right now and get the coaching you need to make the critical decision for your family and child.

Our Family Advocates are professionals, they are also parents of former troubled teens.  They know exactly what you are going through, and as a matter of fact they have gone through the exact same thing.  That is why is your answer to finding the perfect solution to help your troubled child.

Typical Family - Parents of Troubled Teens are:

Caring and Dedicated Parents

Hurting - Confused - Feeling Lost

Tried Everything - Frustrated

Looking for Solutions

Scared - Anxious - Worried

Numb - Dumbfounded

Losing Hope

Refuse to give up

Wanting Professional Coaching

"Whatever it takes" attitude is a comprehensive directory of Therapeutic boarding schools, Christian boarding schools, residential treatment centers, wilderness therapy camps, group homes, and boot camps specifically serving troubled boys and troubled girls.  This directory has been put together by parents of former troubled teens.  Having gone through the trauma and pain of placing their child in an out-of-home placement (after trying everything under the sun to intervene with their troubled teen) our Family Advocates are now "giving back" to other parents going through the same trauma. Our Family Advocates are professionally trained and equipped to help you through this crisis. 

We effectively serve the parents of troubled teens by providing solutions; we promote local therapy practices, adolescent practitioners, therapeutic professionals, and various counseling programs that serve the troubled teenager and his or her family. To speak with a professional right now call 866-439-4818.

Typical Student Profile - Therapeutic Boarding Schools - Residential Treatment Centers

ADD or ADHD Issues

Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Bipolar Disorder

Depression and Sadness

Dual Diagnosis - Co-occuring Issues

Running Away

Unhealthy Sexual Conduct

Adoption Issues

Divorce Issues

Family Issues

Drug and Alcohol Use and Abuse

Online Addiction

Obesity - Eating Disorders

Asperger's Spectrum Disorder

Anger Management Issues

Poor Peer Relationships - Negative Peer Group

Defiance and Rebellion

Truancy/Poor School Performance

Lacks Motivation

Impulsiveness and Obsessive Behaviors

Low Self Esteem

Self Harm and Self Defeating Behaviors

Reactive Attachment Disorder

Our job is to help parents of struggling teens to find the perfect therapeutic environment for their child. also lists a thorough directory of local therapists, counselors, Christian counseling centers, and substance abuse treatment centers for troubled teens. Our schools and programs serving both troubled girls and troubled boys, are the best in the nation. Our listed therapeutic boarding schools are designed for the unmotivated, yet gifted troubled boys and troubled girls. We represent therapeutic programs that can accommodate troubled teens, both boys and girls, that are:

  • Emotionally immature and Struggling with Personal Choice

  • Making poor personal choices due to peer pressure, hanging out with the wrong crowd.

  • Acts entitled, spoiled, selfish, and self-absorbed

  • Plays the victim, blames their poor personal decision on others

  • Sneaking out at night, running away, and general mayhem

  • Experimenting with sex, alcohol, and drugs

  • Isolating from the family, angry, and hostile

  • Rebelling against authority, especially against parents and school authority

  • Unmotivated Academically, in need of Grade Repair and Credit Recovery


If your child fits these behaviors call us at 866-439-4818 and speak to an admissions counselor immediately. If you would like an admissions counselor to contact you please us today.

Young Christians & Their Families Find Help

Our directory of therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens are designed for teens that have good hearts, and the academic potential to be great students. Yet, they are currently off track, lost, and wandering down a road that leads to destruction. Most of the troubled teens that we serve are selfish, self-absorbed, ungrateful, and motivated only by fun with troubled friends; and are in need of immediate therapeutic intervention.

Residential Treatment Centers for Families of Troubled Teens

Christian boarding schools, therapeutic boarding schools, and residential treatment centers for troubled teens (boys and girls) provide therapeutic intervention alternative programming for struggling boys and girls. Sometimes an out-of-home placement is the only answer for a rebellious teenager.  If you are a parent of a troubled teenager and you are looking for real solutions call and speak with an Educational Consultant or Professional Child Placing Agent - 866-439-4818. We offer adventure therapy programs, outdoor adventure camps, academic restoration programs, leadership programs, athletics, community service, mercy ministry outreach, horsemanship, equine therapy, and substance abuse prevention programs.

Through we will introduce, or re-introduce, your child to hope and life long solutions.  Essentially, our hope is to help you, the parent, revive the academic and emotional status of your child.... a child that once had great hope, but now is struggling to make from day-to-day. What has been dimmed due to numerous poor choices and harmful friends can be restored by finding the best professional service or therapeutic setting. Through our Educational Consultants your immature child can find the help to grow strong emotionally, academically, and spiritually... and hope for the future is revived. Let us show you a future for your child that is in alignment and harmony with your child's original purpose and destiny.

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