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Finding top boarding school for troubled boys or girls in San Antonio, Texas

When searching boarding schools for troubled teens near San Antonio, Texas we recommend that you look for the best education and therapeutic services specializing in the effective treatment of struggling boys or girls.  We suggest that you call the Educational Consultants of StrugglingTeens.co.  We can help you research the different types of schools near San Antonio, Texas.  We can help you enroll into the school that best suits your child's specific needs.  Call 866-439-4818 and let us help you to find a scholarship or tuition reduction from the school of your choice.

There are three [3] basic types or boarding schools for troubled teenagers in San Antonio, Texas; All Boys Boarding schools, All Girls Boarding Schools, and Co-ed boarding Schools. There are also sub-categories such as; boarding schools specific to a singular disorder such as anorexia or bulimia, ADD or ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorger, or substance abuse treatment.  Moreover, there are boarding schools that serve Christian, Catholic, or Jewish families. Furhtermore, there Military boarding schools that offer strict disciplined-based programming. Additionally, there working ranches, equine programs, and even specialty schools centered on sports and athletics.  All of these specialized schools near San Antonio, Texas are designed to engage the teen by using progressive positive means to achieve personal and academic success.

Restore your struggling child to a life of promise and prosperity

Many of the top boarding schools for troubled teens are highly specialized, especially those of with the non-traditional college preparatory academic programs. More specifically, the best boarding schools for troubled teens operate with the primary ipurpose of working with troubled or struggling teens. Specifically, they address the special needs of troubled boys or troubled girls. They are best known as specialty schools, and they are very good at what they do.

Just as there are many issues that may be present in a teen’s behavior or emotional state there are an equal number of boarding schools for troubled boys and troubled girls. These boarding schools programs exists to treat (therapeutic) very specific issues or symptoms of either a mental or physical condition. The key for parents is to match their struggling chils to the right boarding school. This will not be an easy task, nor should it be. We recommend that you do not make quick decisions... once you have enrolled your child into a program you do not want to find out later that you made the wrong decision.

The perfect student candidate for boarding schools for troubled teens

  • Moody, anxious, or depressed
  • Makes rash decisions that are detrimental
  • Poor Peer Choices - hanging out with thugs and dropouts
  • Angry and defiant
  • Abusing drugs or alcohol
  • Skipping school and lacks direction
  • Rebellious toward adult authority
  • Refuses to take responsibility and blames others for his or her poor choices
  • Sexually active and headed in the wrong direction


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Home - Boarding Schools for Troubled Boys or Troubled Girls

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