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Finding the perfect boot camp for troubled teens near Washington

Let us help you find a boot camp for troubled teens near Washington. Are you angry with your child? Are you fed up with your son or daughter's behavior?  Does your son or daughter have a bad attitude? Is your child rebellious and refuses to respect your parental authority? If you are tired of yelling, and "grounding" and other punishment does not work... a boot camp might be an option to try.  Parents like the idea of of the military-style juvenile boot camps for their rebellious child. However, before you enroll your child to a juvenile boot camp ask yourself if a boot camp will adequately address your child's unique issues?  Does he or she need a wake up call?  Or, are they dealing with a mental health issue?  Knowing the difference between willful rebellion and a mental health issue is extremely important.  Perhaps your child needs a therapeutic option.  Let the Family Advocates of StrugglingTeens.co help you make the appropriate choice of programs. We can help you find an affordable option that will work.  866-439-4818.

Why should I look at boot camps near Washington?

Obviously, there are kids who take advantage of the “wake up call" that the boot camp provides, or boot camps in Washington would no longer exist. Our contention is that most boot camps in Washington do not cause internal long lasting changes within the camper.  However, we believe that if the boot camp experience is utilized as an "early intervention strategy", the likelihood of a positive outcome is good. However, boot camps for struggling teenagers from Washington don’t address important factors of the child; family issues, interpersonal conflicts, restraint toward negative peer pressure, substance abuse, or academic motivation. At strugglingteens.co we usually recommend programs that address cognitive development, prosocial engagement, experiential leadership, academics, and therapeutic issues that change the internal thoughts that drive behavior. Unfortunately, boot camps don't always address these important factors.

Boot Camps work under the following circumstances

  • Preteens, or younger teenagers who are beginning to be sassy (talkback to parents)
  • Teens without therapeutic issues
  • Kids who are beginning to dabble with criminal behavior (graffiti)
  • Early intervention problems, i.e, defiance toward adult figures
  • Teens who have a habit of destructing property
  • Disrespect issues, especially toward teachers or law enforcement
  • Kids who are experiementing with drugs or alcohol


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