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Help me find top Christian Boarding Schools for troubled teens from Dothan, Alabama

At the top Christian boarding schools for troubled teens students learn to break down the walls that they have built around their heart. They begin to become grateful and appreciative of all that they have. Their hope for the future returns. By becoming thankful for all that they have, being grateful for what God has blessed them with, they can return to a destiny of promise. When the walls are broken down they begin to see how their poor choices undermined everything good in their lives. They start to see how they have been deceived, duped into going after things of the flesh. Troubled boys and girls begin to seek after the things of God, finding them selves dissatisfied with the things of this world.  For immediate help in researching and selecting the perfect Christian boarding school for troubled teens near Dothan, Alabama call 866-439-4818.

Typical Description of Troubled Teens who would benefit in a Christian boarding school

  • In defiance and rebellion toward parental authority
  • Poor peer choices - hanging out with the wrong crowd
  • Poor school performance - needs grade repair and credit recovery
  • Substance abuse issues - can't be trusted to tell the truth
  • Running away and skipping school
  • Anger management issues - acting out at home
  • Isolation and depression - hides from the family
  • Lacks motivation except to hang out with negative friends
  • Impulsive and self-harming behaviors - cutting
  • Family issues - Divorce
  • Adoption issues - Reactive Attachment Disorder
  • Online - internet addiction - Social Media abuse

What are the best Christian Boarding Schools near Dothan, Alabama?

Christian boarding school for troubled teens we have an unique calling, as they serve a group of teens who are rejecting their parent's Christian faith. There are only a handful of good Christian boarding schools specifically designed to serve troubled teens and their families, and we represent them.  For more information about our Christian boarding schools programs for troubled boys and troubled girls please contact one of our admissions counselors by calling 866-439-4818.

Typical Family of a Troubled Child - Parents who...

  • Are hurting but refuse to give up
  • Worried, Anxious, and Concerned about what will happen next
  • Numb or dumbfounded, shocked but ready to act
  • In search of professional Christian counseling
  • Have tried everything and are ready to look at a boarding school option

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Home - Christian Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens

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