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Are There Good Christian Boarding Schools for Troubled Boys and Girls in North Dakota?

Christian parents of troubled boys and girls from North Dakota are devastated to find out that their precious child is out of control.  The discovery is painful... but what do you do?  What can you do?  If you have tried everything and the situation is getting worse, consider a Christian boarding school designed specifically for troubled boys or girls.  At StrugglingTeens.co we can help you find the perfect Christ-centered option.  For immediate counsel and support call 866-439-4818.  Our job will be to help you research and select the best Christian option.  Perhaps we can get a scholarship or tuition discount. At the very least we can pray with you, and provide coaching and comfort.

Christian boarding schools students from North Dakota, both troubled girls and boys, come to realize that wandering away from Jesus is not what they thought it was… they were looking for fun, comfort, and the easy way out. What they got is regret, loss, and devastation. Hopefully your child will learn that they created the mess they are in, and that restoration with Jesus (TRUTH) is the only way out of the problems. It does not take much to convince a wayward child that he/she has made poor decisions… they all seem to take responsibility for their poor choices shortly after their enrollment. The consequences of their poor choices can motivate them to seek the truth. In essence, through a Christian boarding school experience they can return to their first love – Jesus!

What is a top Christian Boarding School in North Dakota?

At StrugglingTeens.co we don't support Christian boarding schools that force the Bible on troubled boys and troubled girls.  Forcing Christian beliefs and values on rebellious kids does not work.  We only represent the top schools in North Dakota that focus on the process of restoring troubled boys and girls back to the destiny he/she has in Christ! How do the top Christian boarding schools in North Dakota restore troubled youth? They demonstrate the love of Jesus as described in the Bible. Being a living testimony of grace and mercy is always the best approach.  When the staff of the school "walks the talk", loving kids as a witness of Jesus Christ, then there is a possibility of a re-awkening. Let us help you find the perfect therapeutic school or program for your child.

Typical Student Profile - A Boy or Girl who...

  • Struggle with ADD, ADHD, or Learning Differences
  • Academic Performance
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Sexually Active
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse
  • Family Issues including divorce or blended families
  • Adoption 



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