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Christian Drug Rehab Programs for Teens

Choosing a Christian drug & alcohol rehab programs for your troubled teen is one of the most important choices a parent can make in their entire lifetime. The problem is that most parents do not know what to look for in a drug rehab program. Not all drug rehabilitation centers are alike. Programs offer many different approaches to treatment, and the major question is... "which one is best for your child?"  The good news is that parents of troubled teens have many options.  The bad news is that many parents choose the wrong program.  

What is a Christian family looking for in a drug rehab?  Mainly, Christ-centered values and principles.  We have found that most Christian parents want the "treatment" portion of the drug rehab program, but not at the expense of the families Christ-centered beliefs.  Most Christian drug rehabs are engaged with a faith-based version of the 12 Step Programs.  Why?  Because the 12 Steps of AA originated from a group of Christian believers.

Our recommendation to Christian families is to avoid the secular humanistic approach to drug rehab.  Not that these programs do a bad job, but they tend to unintentionally undermine Christian beliefs.  Our suggestion is that you, as a parent, be weary.  Be careful and really know the basic principles and philosophies of any program that choose.  For immediate help in locating the perfect drug and alcohol treatment program call 866-439-4818.

Home - Christian Drug Rehab Programs for Teens

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