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Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Therapeutic boarding schools combine the traditions and academics rigors of the traditional boarding school with intense therapeutic interventions to help troubled teenagers regain control of their lives. The average length of stay at a therapeutic boarding school program is usually a full school year.  The top therapeutic boarding schools offer college preparatory curriculum integrated with individual and group therapy.  Call the Educational Consultants of StrugglingTeens.co and receive enrollment guidance and parent coaching. Call 866-439-4818.

Scientific outcome studies show that a therapeutic boarding school experience can help students maintain or continue to improve on a long-term basis after they have graduated from a good therapeutic school. For immediate support for enrolling your child into a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens call our child placement specialists at 866-439-4818.

Catering to the non-traditional boarding school student (troubled teenager), therapeutic-based boarding schools offer social, emotional, physical, and spiritual guidance.  In addition, therapeutic boarding school programs offer educational enrichment (grade repair and credit recovery) for troubled boys/girls. Therapeutic boarding schools work with such students to permanently change negative behaviors and negative self-perceptions through a nurturing, supportive curriculum that offers psychological counseling within the academic environment.

Home - Therapeutic Boarding Schools

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