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Troubled Girls Boarding Schools

Strugglingteens.co represents the top All Girl Boarding Schools for troubled girls.  We serve parents by offering the most comprehensive list of the "all girls boarding schools" in the country.  We also offer Educational Consultant services (enrollment, admissions, scholarships). Our Educational Consultants are prepared to help parents of troubled girls find the perfect All Girls Boarding Schools for their daughter in crisis.  If you are a parent of a troubled girl and you are confused by the different choices of schools please consider contacting us.  Our Parent Coaches are prepared to help you assess your situation and match your child to the perfect All Girls Boarding Schools.  Call 866-4394818 TODAY!

Academically speaking, All Girls Boarding Schools are designed to serve girls specifically.  Troubled girls have unique needs, and they are much different than the needs of boys.  We do not recommend co-ed boarding schools for girls who are struggling. Unlike public schools, whose teachers are expected to instruct large classrooms of boys and girls, All Girls Boarding School adjusted to meet the special needs of your daughter. Grade repair (GPA improvement), credit recovery (catching up to her class), college placement, and opportunities for early graduation are available through girls boarding schools.

All girls boarding schools for troubled teens offer academic and therapeutic intervention for girls struggling with a variety of issues; low academic performance, learning differences, ADD and ADHD, adoption issues (Reactive Attachment Disorder), eating disorders, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, substance abuse, obsessive compulsive disorder, and more.  For professional consultation in the research of the best boarding schools for troubled girls call StrugglingTeens.co.

Home - Troubled Girls Boarding Schools

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