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Are there all girls boarding schools for troubled girls near Illinois?

There are several good all girls boarding schools for troubled girls near Illinois.  If you are a parent with a struggling daughter consider calling and speaking with our Educational Consultant.  StrugglingTeens.co represents families of troubled girls, helping parents to research and select the perfect boarding school option.  In most circumstances we are able to help parents from Illinois receive scholarships or reduced tuition discounts.  Call StrugglingTeens.co and share your unique circumstances with one of our professional Educational Consultants.  Let us help you find an affordable therapeutic environment for your daughter. 866-439-4818.

The troubled girl that we serve comes from middle and upper middle-class family who have good morals, good work ethic, principled, and are integral. These families have raised their children in good homes, attending church regularly, and hope their children go on to college or start a vocation career that will give them a good life. However, about the age of 12 their daughter began to change. First came the rap music, then her dress changed, and she started talking differently - she started haning out with the wrong girls. Pretty soon all that was good is gone, and it has been replaced with defiance, anger, and rebellion toward parents. Today's troubled girls acts 8, and demands to be treated as if she were 30.  If you have a troubled daughter and need help finding a long-term solution call today.

What are the benefits of an All Girls Boarding School in Illinois?

All Girls Boarding Schools in Illinois should offer a unique boarding school experience for troubled girls. The unique experience should be based on academic and emotional restoration, along with family therapy.  Our definition of a troubled girl is much different than most, and probably more in alignment with a parents definition. Our recommended approach to the treatment of troubled girls is just as unique. Our approach is likely to be in alignment with the parents preferred approach. The purposes of this web page is to define the term "troubled girl" and to define the best treatment approaches. If you, as the parent from Illinois, are in agreement with our definitions please consider calling us and let us advocate for you and your daughter.  Our goal is to help you find the perfect school near Illinois and then help you through the enrollment process.

Our Definition of a troubled girl

  • Precious - Worthy - Great Potential
  • Can be caring - but selfish
  • Bright - Inteligent - Creative
  • Adventurous - Risk Taker
  • Lost - Emotionally Immature - Lacks Emotional Inteligence
  • Rebellious - Strong-willed - Stubborn
  • Entitled and Deflects Responsibility
  • Struggles with Lying
  • Sneaky and Moody

Our Recommended Approach to Treatment

  • Professional therapy and treatment designed specifically for girls
  • Caring and unnderstanding staff who use discipline mixed compassion
  • Staff who listen, but more importantly wise (do not get duped easily)
  • Educators who challenge and love to teach one-on-one
  • College preparatory curriculum and college placement
  • Provide 24-hour supervision - Health, safety, and welfare is extremely important
  • Home-like setting that is safe and clean
  • Good nutrition and an emphasis on fitness
  • Plenty of recreational activities 
  • Leadership training and community service opportunities
  • Family therapy and family restoration
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Substance abuse counseling
  • Grief and loss counseling


Home - Troubled Girls Boarding Schools

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