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Is there a good wilderness therapy program near North Carolina?

Absolutely! The top wilderness therapeutic treatment programs near North Carolina are clinically-based professional programs where troubled kids are healed and their lives are turned around. In the wilderness miracles of transformation take place.  Let us help you find an affordable program that will restore your child.  Our Family Advocates are very familiar with the top wilderness programs around North Carolina.  Call 866-439-4818 and get help today.

The reason wilderenss programs are a unique opportunity is that all the normal distractions of adolescents are gone... no cell phones, malls, negative friends, Social Media, or boy/girl friends are there to distract and complicate the therpaeutic process.  When a clinician is able to evaluate and assess a child without all the distractions normally associated with troubled teenagers, good work can happen. During the clinical portion of the therapeutic camp the student/camper is evaluated by a licensed mental health professional. Student/campers are essentially in the wilderness where the unique environment allows the therapist to gain a more genuine look at the underlying issues that are causing acting out behavior.

Before choosing a wilderness therapy program near North Carolina call us...

Not all wilderness programs are the same.  Not all wilderness camps provide excellent therapy. Troubled teens act out, that is obvious. But why do they act out? To know why a troubled teenagers is acting out is the first step toward restoration. Wildernesses therapy camps near North Carolina are one of the best options for parents of troubled teenagers.  These programs are avaluable assessment and evaluation tool. In the wilderness professional staff can "get to the heart" of a child's primary issue.  None of the typical distractions are in the wild, therefore clinical staff can do a much better job at diagnosing and treating the real issues.

Wilderness therapy camps and programs can be very expensive, reaching upwards of $25,000 or more for 30 days.  There are affordable options, and we can help you find them. For more information about affordable Wilderness Therapy Camps and Programs for troubled boys and troubled girls pleace call 866-439-4818.

Issues that can be addressed in the wild

  • Academic Underachievement - Failure to Launch - Lack of motivation/direction
  • Family Conflict - Resistance to Authority - Oppositional Behaviors
  • Depression - Anger Management - Reaction to Traumatic Experiences
  • Learning Differences - Attention Deficits / Inattention
  • Negative Peer Groups - Poor Self-Esteem
  • Anxiety - Mood Instability
  • Substance Abuse - Addiction
  • Traits of Personality Disorders
  • Obsessive / Compulsive Behaviors
  • Eating Disorders - Body Image Distortion
  • Adoption - Identity Issues - Bereavement / Loss
Home - Wilderness Therapy Programs

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