Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens Programs | Admissions Criteria


Admissions Criteria for therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens is unique and can be complicated.  The goal would be to find the perfect match between the Troubled Teen (their specific issues) and the therapeutic boarding school.  At we can help.  Please call one of our admissions counselors and we can help you filter and sift through all the options you have at your disposal.  We represent the very best therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens in the US.  Call 866-439-4818 and we can help represents on the best therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens, both boys and girls.  Some of the options we represent are leadership-based boarding schools for troubled teens, where the admissions criteria is straight forward and simple.  We are looking for troubled teens, gifted kids who are rejecting their Christian heritage, struggling to understand their own belief's, rebelling against parental authority, and living for today with no concern for the future. Every Therapeutic boarding school or program for troubled teens claim to be unique and different from all the rest, and each one has their own admissions criteria (student and family profile)  The truth is the best therapeutic boarding schools are very different from each other and their admissions criteria defines who they are, who they serve, as well as who they don't serve.  Its not that they are exclusionary, judgmental, and haughty... this is why you need to call one of our admissions specialsts at 866-439-4818.

Moreover, most therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens serve a very unique student population and their uniqueness is evident in our admissions criteria. Specifically, most schools work with both troubled boys and troubled girls, ages 12 to 18.  There are excellent choices for a troubled teen that is struggling to find his/her identity and purpose in life, and their current identity has no relevance to who they really are, masquerading as something parents do not recognize. In the admissions criteria the prospective boy or girl is most likely defined as a child who is making poor personal decisions, and has proven that they won't make decisions that are in their best interest.  More specifically, the top therapeutic boarding schools are designed for the gifted, yet unmotivated troubled teen struggling with feelings of inadequacy, low self-worth, and therefore acts like a troubled teen; lazy, lacks appreciation for anything, and in rebellion toward parental authority.  Other elements of the admissions criteria defines the student as an angry teen in need of emotional intelligence, emotional stability, and emotional maturity. 

When therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens evaluate a prospective student they look at the family as a whole. The admissions criteria is not only about the troubled teen.  The family as a unified team prospers.  They will look at the parent's willingness to grow, forgive, and seek restoration in all ways. The family evaluation and admissions criteria are based on the family's commitment to the process of reconciliation. Many times the parents have a history of rescuing their child from difficult situations and in doing so have become the problem. Most schools cannot work with parents that "rescue" their children, it just doesn't work, and everyone is undermined.

In order to fulfill our goals schools require a great deal from the parents. They expect the parents of our students to be a partner in the process of reconciliation. They cannot expect the parents of students to be supportive and a source of encouragement to the staff unless they are fully committed to the restoration process. They expect that the student's parents will join the battle by making a total commitment.

Typical Admissions Criteria: Prospective students are kids who are gifted, yet unmotivated (academic and spiritually unmotivated). Most schools do not serve students who are in need of acute mental health services (self harm, suicidal ideation, or currently taking medication for psychosis and/or severe mental dysfunction), are convicted of felonies (violent crimes or sexual crimes), or in need of medical detoxification from drug addiction.  therapeutic boarding school is not a camp or program for troubled youth with severe emotional problems, but we can help you find the right program for your troubled teen. Please fill out the "Get Help Now" form in the far left column of this page.