Affordable and Low Cost Programs  for Troubled Teen Parents

By believes that we are to faithfully serve each and every family that contacts us. In working towards that end we provide parents of troubled teens with the below list of affordable and/or free/low cost programs, camps, and schools for troubled teens to help you.   Our vision is to minister to all families, providing the resources (information) that can best help the family in crisis. Many families can't afford private boarding schools for troubled boys and girls. The cost to run these programs and provide needed services to the students in immense.  Most people think that Christian boarding schools for struggling youth should not charge money, and they should be free. 

But even Christian camps, programs, and schools need money to operate. Always remember, you get what you pay for. We teach our parents to find scholarship funds to cover the cost of enrollment and tuition. All to oftern parents that can't afford tuition will not even consider spending 100 or so hours raising funds to cover all costs of enrollment. The fact that these parents won't do anything for themselves, and want free services, tells us that they are "entitled" and need a wake up call. We even minister to the entitled families. The only worthy free programs, camps, or schools for struggling teenagers are government (State or County) run programs.  The problem with the government programs is that they are usually incarcerated youth, or Department of Human Services (extreme liberals) where parents essentially give up their parental rights.  In reality, the free programs have long waiting list, and "Free" is never really "free".  For more information about raising scholarship dollars for your troubled boy or girl please fill out the "Get Help Now" form on the far left column of this page, or call 866-439-4818.

All parents looking for boarding schools for troubled teens need to do extensive research into these boarding school programs, such as calling the Better Business Bureau, the Chamber of Commerce in the town where the school is located and possibly visit if you can to make sure it is what it says it is. We provide this list to our parents who cannot afford our program or others like it. Abundant Life Preparatory is in no way associated with any of these programs and we do not represent these programs in any way. is not liable in any form for the choice of program that you choose to send your child to. We do not vouch in any way for any of these programs. This list is provided to help you find a program suitable for your financial needs. When we come across a program that is free or low cost we add it to this list as a resource for needy parents. That is the end of our involvement with the below stated programs.

Affordable and Low Cost Troubled Teen Boarding Schools for Parents of Troubled Boys & Girls



Low Cost, Funded mostly by donations - Christian program - Children, ages birth through 18 and whose needs are consistent with agency licensing standards and admissions criteria, are eligible for care. Methodist Children's Home is prepared to provide assistance to: children who are neglected, delinquent-prone and in need of supervision; children whose family circumstances do not allow the family to adequately care for them; children with mild emotional or behavioral problems, such as argumentativeness, stubbornness, not following rules or not taking responsibility for their actions; children whose families are experiencing a crisis, such as stepparent conflicts or family involvement in drugs and alcohol; children whose parents must be separated from the family due to medical or psychiatric problems, or incarceration; families facing financial problems or crisis; children suffering from the trauma of rape, incest, death, abuse or abandonment; children who are depressed and withdrawn; children whose parents or conservators are afflicted with health conditions that prevent them from maintaining full responsibility for the child; unmotivated children having problems at school due to anxiety or negative peer pressure that interferes with learning and productive activities; and parents and children who have decided that a "separation time" is a prerequisite to family healing. Offers several different programs.

Cal Farley -

Basic-care residential programs and services are provided at the two Texas communities of Cal Farley's Boys Ranch, near Amarillo; and Cal Farley's Girlstown, U.S.A., west of Lubbock. In a Christ-centered, structured environment, children from pre-school through high school live in group homes and enjoy a variety of academic, vocational, spiritual and extra-curricular activities. Voluntary donations make these opportunities possible. The Cal Farley organization provides programs and services for at-risk boys and girls from throughout the United States at no charge to parents.

Eagle Rock -

Eagle Rock is a school for high school age students. The school is a year-round, residential, and full-scholarship school that enrolls youth ages 15-17 from around the United States in an innovative learning program. Located in Estes Park, Colorado.