Alternative Education




Alternative Education is an instructional approach under the control of a school committee that is offered to at-risk students in a nontraditional setting. The mission of these schools is to provide a one-stop comprehensive program for teens with medical care, social services, and infant care services.

Some students take more time than other to learn a drill. They take a passive role in learning, and class sizes are large and impersonal. But they become unable to find specific task. There has been increasing tendency of students from low-income families to drop out of school.

The alternative educational school component includes a comprehensive academic assessment to develop an individual plan of study. These alternative schools provided a timely solution to counselors, psychologists and teachers to plan coursework for students and provide report cards which can be emailed to their new schools.

These alternative schools provide some advance services. Such services might include enhanced case management, tutoring or other supports to help youth succeed in school. These schools give the option to exempt from participation single parents with children under the age of one.

It also provides parenting classes and instruction on developmental milestones of infants for teen’s parents.

Alternative school management does not include private boarding schools, home schooling, school choice, gifted and talented programs; this also does not include programs exclusively serving or vocational-technical education.

Alternative Education Programs is expected to achieve the following terms related to students:


To make able to communicate and work effectively with others.

To provide dependent life skills.

To give positive self concepts.

To make able to demonstrate basic scholastic skills in reading, and writing.

Improve their speaking, social studies, mathematics, science and technology.

To make able to demonstrate an understanding of basic living skills.

To make responsible to oneself and one's community.

The alternative educational programs provides individualized instruction to meet the resident’s particular needs and increase academic skills and knowledge. Like this the alternative education management provides an opportunity for unable teens for growth and development.

Abundant Life Academy is a viable alternative educational program for troubled teens. We serve unmotivated students who were once successful students. We also serve the student who has always struggled academically. Why do we work with both student populations? Because the answer to academic success the same for both groups of struggling students.