Articles for Parents of Troubled Teens


This is a resource for parents who are struggling with their teenage boys and girls.


Alcohol Abuse in Adolescent Boys

Anger Management Issues Troubled Boys

Counseling for Troubled Teens

Children with Mental Illness

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Adoption Issues

Adolescent Drug Rehab

Personality Disorders

Relationship Issues

Residential Treatment for Young Adults

Adolescent Anger Management | Lava Heights Academy

Boarding Schools for Troubled Boys and Girls | Lava Heights Academy

Counseling for Teenagers | Lava Heights Academy

Adolescent Education | Lava Heights Academy

ADD and ADHD Issues

Adolescent Depression

Adolescents and Peer Pressure

Alcoholism and Teenage Boys

Anger Management for Adolescents

Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Poor Social Skills

At Risk Youth | Novo Ranch

Adolescent Risk-Taking Behaviors | Novo Ranch

Boarding Schools For Troubled Children | Novo Ranch

Struggling Youth

Teenage Counseling

Social Problems in the Adolescents

Struggling Teenagers

Sexuality Issues

Depression in Teens | Falcon Ridge Ranch

Cycles Of Destruction In Teens

Therapy for Troubled Girls | Falcon Ridge Ranch

Mistakes In Treating Teens

Depression And Sadness

Treatment Centers for Teens | Falcon Ridge Ranch

Juvenile Placement By Offense

Negative Peer Groups & Teen Girls

Independent Living Skills | Waypoints Wilderness Therapy

Working with Troubled Children | Falcon Ridge Ranch

Help For Troubled Teenage Boys And Girls

Inspirational Stories Young Adults

Drug Rehab Wilderness Programs

Teens Boot Camps | Falcon Ridge Ranch

New Policies That Ensure Student Safety At Cedar Ridge Academy

Safety Policies | Cedar Ridge Academy

Protecting Students At Cedar Ridge Academy

Teenage Girls with Physical Disabilities: Learning to Cope with Highschool and Beyond

Eating Disorders in Teenage Girls

Troubled Youth Schools | Red Rock Canyon School

Troubled Teens and Therapeutic Services | Red Rock Canyon School

Treatment Programs | Red Rock Canyon School

Residential Treatment for Teens | Red Rock Canyon School

Why Troubled Boys Often Seem Lazy - Triangle Cross Ranch

Addictive Behaviors in Troubled Teens | Lava Heights Academy

My Teenager Acts Like A Stranger

Find the Right Help for Troubled Boys

How a Positive Attitude Can Lead to Other Improvements | Trinity Teen Solutions

Self Doubt | Red Rock Canyon School

Troubled Teens Trading Bad Habits for Good Ones

Good Communication | Red Rock Canyon School

Gaining Control of Addictive Behaviors in Troubled Boys | Mt. Pleasant Academy

How Anxiety Can Prevent Teens From Succeeding

The Effects of Hard Drugs on Developing Minds | C.A.R.E. 

Nature vs Nurture in Troubled Teen Behavior | RiverView 

Non-Violent Ways for Troubled Young Men to Solve Problems

Hormonal Anger vs Situational Anger in Troubled Young Adults

Ways That Troubled Teens Invite Stress Into Their Lives

Girls Who Struggle With Body Dysmorphia

How The Internet Can Help and Hurt Troubled Teens

Responses to Grief in Troubled Boys

Building Respect for Others in Troubled Teens Through Group Therapy | Red Rock Canyon School

Trinity Teen Solutions Aiding the Academic Struggles of Troubled Girls

Helping Troubled Teens Learn Real World Skills | Red Rock Canyon School

Helping Young Adults Believe in Themselves

The Risk of Accidental Death in Troubled Teens

The Effects of Cyber-Bullying on Adolescent Boys

Behavioral Issues Related to Grief

Narcissism in Troubled Teens | RiverView

Does Group Therapy Work for Troubled Teens? | RiverView

Juvenile Justice Outcomes for Troubled Teens | C.A.R.E.

Avoiding Mistakes in Teen Treatment | C.A.R.E.

How to Connect Emotionally with Troubled Girls

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