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Teen drug abuse and drug addiction is on the rise today, and troubled teens are leading the charge. More and more troubled teens are turning to drugs to deal with the problems in their lives, or they just use drugs for social acceptance. Drug abuse and addiction is not a matter of moral weakness or faulty willpower. It is a vicious cycle that actually causes changes in the brain, leading to stronger and stronger impulses to use drugs and to end up dependent on them. Without help, drug abuse destroys families and ruins lives. With the right support and treatment, such as  boarding schools offer troubled teens, the road to recovery is extremely possible.English: one high-quality "bud " nug...

Different recreational drugs have different effects on the teen using them. Some, such as cocaine or methamphetamine, may produce an intense “rush” and initial feelings of boundless energy. A lot of troubled teens use these methods to drown out the feeling of tiredness or fatigue as well as just to blindside their feelings and emotions regarding a viewpoint that appears to them to be an unhappy existence. Other drugs such as marijuana are more widely used by teens in and out of our schools today. Marijuana can induce several emotional responses such as relaxation, introspection, feeling “in tune” with the world, and irrationality. The teenage drug abuser attempts to reconcile his basic urges with the demands of reality through the use of marijuana and other drugs. This behavior is directed toward the pursuit of pleasure and reduction of pain which often leads eventually to drug addition.

Certain studies show that marijuana is the most widely used illicit drug currently used by teen boys and girls. Approximately 60 percent of the kids who use drugs use only marijuana. Of the 14.6 million marijuana users in 2008, approximately 4.8 million used it on 20 or more days in any given month.

A powerful force in drug addiction is the inability to self-soothe or get self-relief from mental or physical pain. Without the self-resilience and support to handle stress, loneliness or depression, drugs can be a tempting way to deal with the situation. Unfortunately, due to the changes drugs inflict on the brain, it can only take a few times or even one time to be on the road to addiction which may take these troubled teens years from which to recover. Even a one time use for some teens is an instant addiction to that particular drug.

If your struggling daughter is experimenting or is using drugs and alcohol at a more alarming rate, please call Re-Creation Retreat.  We understand that drug and alcohol use is just a symptom of more underlying issues.  We offer one of the most outstanding therapeutic programs for troubled girls you will ever find.  We present a unique blend of residential treatment through a positive peer culture approach combined with traditional therapy (individual and group therapy).  The outcome bings about  emotional growth, emotional intelligence development, and emotional maturity.  Moreover, our girls, upon graduation, are ready to return home and resume a productive healhty life that is filled with promise and prosperity.  Please call one of our placement specialists to help you through the process of admissions.  866-439-4818.