Educational Consultants & Troubled Teens




At we support the use of educational consultants for troubled teens. Way too many parents who are looking for therapeutic schools, programs, and camps for troubled teens choose the wrong school or program. We believe that parents need professional support and assistance when attempting to locate the perfect school or program for troubled teens. That is why we support the use of educational consultants. Finding the right school is not like choosing a new house, or couch. Find the right program is more like finding the right doctor or dentist. Essentially, most parents need professional help.  Please consider contacting one of the Family Advocates today.  Call 866-439-4818 for immediMe And My Parentsate assistance.

Choosing an inappropriate therapeutic school can be a major disaster, costing you thousands of dollars and years of heartache. When searching for the the perfect match (school or program) for your troubled teen, the parent often bases the choice on a combination of misinformation and a lack of understanding. Coupled with placement services (school placement websites that promote specific boarding schools and programs) the parents are often the target of aggressive sales people trying to “close a deal”. Most parents of troubled teens are already lost and emotional; therefore they can be easily mislead and taken advantage of… unaware of the terrible consequences associated with making the wrong choice.

At we do not sell a therapeutic school or program. We do not try to convince the prospective parent that any particular school is the right choice for their child. We believe that the parent is responsible for making the right choice, and their choice should be based on analysis and good information. Our Family Advocates are ministers… “Ministers of hope”. We pray with the prospective parent and help them to find the right school or program for their troubled teen.