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Family Profile for Troubled Teens and Their Parents

The typical therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens family is a family who loves their child with all of their heart. Furthermore, this family has done everything they can for their child and they now realize that they need immediate out-of-home intervention.  If you are one of these parents in crisis please call one of our Family Advocates and get the counseling and support you need to make the right decision, finding the perfect therapeutic boarding school for your troubled teen.  Call 866-439-4818.

No family is perfect, but there is nothing more important then their child. The typical family seeking help from a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens would sacrifice their own lives for the sake of their child. Providing and protecting their child has always been of the utmost importance to the parent. Moreover, the prospective family has been devastated by their troubled teen's decline. Even though the parents have always model strong values their precious child has turned away for no apparent reason. Not only that, but the other children in the family are starting to be adversely affected by the actions of the troubled teen. The typical parent is willing to do whatever it takes to turn their son/daughter around before it is too late.

How Therapeutic Boarding Schools View the Troubled Teen

The best therapeutic boarding schools see the students a little differently than most; an underachiever/rebellious teen as a future leader in training, only he/she has yet to see the inherent power within himself or herself.  They believe that the three most powerful forces of life are leadership, creativity, and life management. The key to releasing these powerful life forces is usually found in the midst of one's struggle. For instance, the struggle for identity in the life of a teenager is an incredible potential training ground for future success. Unfortunately, most kids fail in the midst of the struggle for identity without ever realizing that their failure could be used to promote them into a powerful position. In these cases, a traditional Boarding School, Military Boarding Schools or Boot Camps are not the answer.

The top therapeutic boarding schools see failure as an opportunity, with potential power, while others see failure as a problem that must be eliminated. Where other schools and programs see kids who are defiant and rebellious, the best programs see them as the next generation of leaders, full of creativity, only they lack adversity and life management skills to put it all together. We see their struggle as an opportunity to promote them into a prevailing place full of promise.  Prior to enrolling into a therapeutic boarding school the student-leaders found them selves caught up in the ways of the world (self-centeredness, rebellion, drugs, etc.). They struggled to make good choices, and now they need to be set free from the negative consequences that come with living in a self-destructive lifestyle. The parents of the ideal therapeutic school student has identified that he/she needs to make some radical changes, and needs some coaching and guidance to reach his/her awesome potential.

If you fit the description of the typical parent of a troubled teen who needs a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens please call our Family Advocate at 866-439-4818. is not a placement for defiant with major behavioral or mental problems. Again, the typical student is a good kid from a good family who has gotten caught up in a world he/she was never destined to be a part of. Within a short time after enrollment most of our students declare their commitment to refrain from drugs, alcohol, and other self-sabotaging habits, and are restored to Christ-centered lifestyle. will find a safe place for teenagers to avoid the reoccurring pitfalls of adolescences.

Additionally, serves young men/woman who have successfully completed wilderness programs and other emotional growth schools. While these settings are very powerful, many emotional growth programs tend to "institutionalize" their students, leaving them unprepared to deal with the pitfalls of re-entering the "real world". Moreover, traditional therapeutic programs lack the Christian perspective, and the student is often left with a desire for more truth. could easily be considered a "transitional" situation, where a young man can establish a foundation before returning home or moving on to college.