Mission Statement (Corporate) is committed to reaching, equipping, and mobilizing gifted young people to faithfully serve the Kingdom of God. Through advanced discipleship, positive peer culture, compassionate mercy outreach, and academic excellence, our students will be enlightened, encouraged, and restored to a destiny that has been determined since before the foundation of the world. By providing an environment of love, accountability, positive role modeling and shared Christian values, we endeavor to instill within the hearts of our students the love of Christ.

Spiritual Statements of Belief (Corporate)

  1. We believe in a risen Lord, the Christ, and Jesus is His name, the only begotten Son of the Father, God Almighty.
  2. We believe every young person has God-given Destiny and Purpose that can only be fulfilled through a life fully submitted to Jesus Christ and the will of God as led by the Holy Spirit.
  3. We believe this generation of young people is the Elijah Generation, sent to call forth the nations to repentance and preparation for the returning King.
  4. We believe there is no such thing as a troubled teen; rather, they are people of greatness who have been deceived, blinded, veiled, and are in desperate need of truth.
  5. We believe that the anointing comes through those who are totally submitted to the call of God on their lives, and only through the anointing can we effect change.
  6. We believe that the love of God is sufficient to heal, restore, and strengthen a young person's life and return him/her to a place of power and authority.
  7. We believe that submission to authority, servanthood, and compassion for others are the keys that will unlock a future of success for the youth of this generation, and without these elements there can be no liberty or true freedom.
  8. We believe that character counts, and that small adjustments made today in the lives of our teens will create huge dividends for everyone for generations to come.
  9. We believe that gratefulness, appreciation, and integrity are foundational to receiving the abundant life in Christ, and that the lack thereof will only lead to more frustration, discontent, and a loss of power.
  10. We believe that the key to success is to be accountable, take responsibility for your actions, change what is changeable, and leave the rest to God.

Struggling Teens Mission Statement

We at Struggling Teens believe in the power of the human soul, the tenacity of the human spirit and the need for youth to rise above the negative norms in an environment that is safe, nurturing and encouraging in a form that young people can relate to and accept. Upon completion of a highly structured, yet individualized program the student will have a renewed and much improved sense of self, an appreciation of the need for authority and an education in the role of leadership as well as a deep appreciation of service to others and a renewed awareness of the basic foundations of Christianity.

  1. We believe young teens of above average intellectual capacities respond to an internal imperative for excellence that cannot be met in average classroom environments.
  2. We believe that the majority of students have been instilled with a foundation of parental values that are timeless and sound and that, when properly nurtured, produce young adults that lead the way in expressing these basic values.
  3. It is our belief that young people are provided with certain windows of opportunities in life where positive intervention can make measurable differences; the years between 12-19 have been demonstrated to be one of them.
  4. It is quite possibly part of our collective destiny to interface with young adults on the verge of coming to terms with the realities of the modern world and to provide them the constructive guidance that each generation attempts.
  5. Youth have many questions. We believe that it is part of our personal responsibility as well as our responsibility to the future of humankind to help troubled teens discover answers.
  6. As mature adults we believe in responsibility, accountability, respect and commitment; part of that belief includes passing on these values.
  7. We believe children do indeed learn what they live with. Role modeling from peers supported by caring, loving adults is a powerful combination.
  8. We believe the above average student, out of sync in the "normal" American classroom is rebelling out of frustration and is strongly in need of realistic academic and real life problem solving challenges.
  9. We believe that a highly structured as well as an individually oriented academic program is the ideal environment for the teaching of setting and meeting realistic goals.

10. Real life criteria are the basis for establishing academic goals that the student will recognize as positive habits to incorporate into his/her lifestyle, thus empowering the student to recognize obstacles and utilizing techniques to move past them.