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Programs for troubled girls are growing exponentially throughout the US, but unfortunately only a few are Christian programs. In the past it was not common for a parent to enroll their daughter into a program for troubled teens. Most programs for troubled teens were programs for boys only. Times have obviously changed, and there are many programs for troubled young ladies for parents to choose from. represents only the very best programs for troubled girls, providing a safe harbor, encouraging emotional and spiritual growth, and an opportunity for young ladies to reclaim their lives while restoring their powerful destiny. For immediate help in placing your troubled girl into the perfect program please contact our Family Advocates at 866-439-4818.  We are here to support, assist, and direct.

Today, there are almost as many girls being enrolled into various programs for troubled girls as there are boys being enrolled into boy progams.  The reason is that today's troubled young ladies are making seriosly poor personal choices, choices that could have a tremendous detrimental effect on the rest of their lives.  Parents of today's troubled girls are in between a rock and a hard place, feeling as though they have no other choice but to enroll their troubled child into a program that will keep her safe, and keep her from experiencing the horrific consequences that come with the outrageous behaviors. Young ladies who are being placed into programs for troubled girls usually struggle with peer acceptance, especially in regard to boys.  They are academically unmotivated, defiant, disrespectful, refusing to cooperate, focused only on her social life, engaged in sexual relationships, hanging out with the wrong crowd, sneaking out at night, and perhaps using drugs/alcohol.  Not every troubled daughter acts out in every behavior described in the prior sentence.  But if your precious girl is doing any of these behaviors she is in serious danger, and the consequences are devastating.  For immediate attention and professional support don't hesitate to call our Admissions Counselor at 866-439-4818.

There are different types of all troubled girl programs, and the very best programs are academically focused, designed to be emotionally safe, and provide an opportunity for the child and the family to be healed, reconciled, and restored. The number of programs, schools, and camps for troubled young ladies is growing each year, yet there are not enough spaces available to meet all the needs.  Finding the right match for you and your daughter is a tough proposition, and then once you have found the perfect match there might not be any more room for your daughter to enroll.  Find a program where academics is very important, as is emotional maturity, accountability, personal responsibility, and the girls are required to develop sklls to make good personal decisions that provide them with a lifetime of benefits.

The problems troubled girls face today is devastating. Parents are struggling more than ever to keep their daughter on the right path amidst social pressures, pop culture, and the noise and distractions of the world.  The consequences that young ladies bring upon themselves can last a lifetime; high school drop outs, teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, rape, STD’s, etc. Most parents that reach out to programs like Abundant Life Academy feel as though they must make a move before something really bad happens.  If you are that parent, you're not alone.

Throughout the United States, program for troubled girls are increasing. In the past, most boarding schools for troubled teens were exclusively for troubled boys. There is no ban on single sex schools, but some schools and programs do give individual support to girls.  Mixing both sexes together in one school hardly ever works.  The importance of enrolling your daughter into a all ladies school, or a non-coed girls boarding school, is extremely important to her overall success. There are many types of program for troubled girls, where most are focused on dealing with emotional, behavioral, and academic issues in a safe environment. The schools and residential program, which work for girls, realize true healthy growth and assist in the creation of a positive future for each girl and her family. There are a lot of camps, boot camps, and wilderness program that are also designed uniquely with troubled young lady in mind. These programs provide a safe and healing environment for troubled girls. The young ladies learn honesty, accountability, responsibility, and a strong work ethic. They gain the coping skills they need to make appropriate choices in their life. Family involvement is crucial. All these programs support through their frustration, depression and different types of disorder. These programs give a warm-up for fighting with unnatural conditions and painful situations.


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