Directory of Schools, Programs, and Services for Troubled Teens


Not every person that visits our comprehensive directory listings of schools, programs, and services for troubled teens knows exactly what they are looking for.  We hope that you can take advantage of the services that we provide by locating therapeutic services that include; boarding schools for troubled teens, phenomenal academics, leadership training, emotional growth, high school athletics, community service/outreach projects, horsemanship, substance abuse counseling, and family restoration.  For immediate help in locating the perfect therapeutic school, program, or service for troubled teens please contact one of our Family Advocates at 866-439-4818.

There are many people that visit that need different, in-depth services, and we wish to help you find the therapeutic services that you are looking for. And, as professional Family Advocates we are here to help you with your specific need. Therefore, we have put together a comprehensive directory of schools, programs, and services for troubled teens in order to help everyone who visits the site. Please browse through our directory and then call one of our Admissions Specialists at 866-439-4818.

This directory is broken down by State and by the type of school/program/service available. Our goal is to provide all those who are seeking help, especially the parents of troubled boys and troubled girls. a directory list of boarding schools, military schools, Christians boarding schools, boot camps, wilderness therapy camps, schools for troubled teens, programs for troubled boys, camps for troubled girls, Christian counseling centers, Christian counselors, adolescent/young adult substance abuse treatment centers, parent coaches, therapists, Doctors (Family practitioners), and Law Firms (Family Law Practices). To view the schools, programs, or services click on one of the terms below.

For more information about family advocacy and child placement services call 866-439-4818, or fill out the form found on the far left column of this page.