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Student Profile | Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens


The student profile for the prospective therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens student does not "care for" kids with mental or emotional illness. Why? Because there is nothing mentally or emotionally wrong with this child and therapy has never produced emotional maturity or emotional growth anyway. The typical therapeutic boarding schools student is "entitled", "selfish", "self-centered", or "self-engrossed". In earlier times this child would be considered to be "spoiled", "demanding", or a "brat". For immediate help in finding the perfect therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens call our Family Advocate at 866-439-4818.

Most therapeutic boarding school candidates are emotionally immature and need assistance and professional guidance toward emotional intelligence. If you are a parent of a troubled teen and you are looking at therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens you have come to the right place.  At StrugglingTeens.co we have aligned ourselves to represent the best therapeutic boarding schools in the country.  Please call one of our Family Advocates for immediate assistance regarding locating and enrolling your troubled teen.  Please call 866-439-4818.

At StrugglingTeens.co we consider therapeutic boarding school candidates to be “troubled teens” (please note: the term “troubled teen” is a generic term with a broad interpretation. We do not consider a “troubled teen” to be a child who is in need of psychological or psychiatric help, nor do we refer to a troubled teen as a teen who is drug addicted, defiant, rebellious, or participates in criminal activity. To StriugglingTeens.co the youth in need of psychological or psychiatric intervention will not be considered as a student candidate. Additionally, a youth who has a criminal history or is in need of drug and alcohol treatment will not be considered as a prospective student at a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens.

StrugglingTeens.co specifically serves students and their families who are in need of academic and emotional redirection. Again, StrugglingTeen.com represents early intervention schools for troubled teens. These therapeutic boarding schools serve students that are academically unmotivated and rejecting pro-social values). The student who attends a therapeutic boarding school may need the assistance of a therapist or medication, but more importantly they need to learn to take responsibility for their actions and hold themselves accountable.  Basically, they need emotional growth and emotional intelligence training.

Student Profile

Because of the lack of respect for parental authority the prospective therapeutic boarding school student is in need of an alternative educational setting. The ideal  student has began to "struggle" as he/she makes one poor choice after another (following the desires of the insatiable self). Not too long ago this student seemed to be the perfect child. However, around the time of puberty things started to change and the sweet kid turned into a stranger. Instead of maturing into a healthy sound teen with a strong moral compass, this student now identifies more with the latest hip-hop rapper or gangster. Some of our student spent countless hours playing video games, or messaging friends through the Internet until the wee hours of the night. Some of our students have become sexually active or have begun to experiment with drugs. Most of our students are insensitive to how they hurt others and are developing an "I don't care attitude".

The prospective therapeutic boarding school student is most likely rejecting his/her parent's values. This student has dropped their affection for sports, healthy hobbies, and good friends. Good grades are no longer important because working hard in school takes away from their social life and school is not cool with their new circle of friends. As a matter of fact their new friends have become the center of their universe and their values no longer are in alignment with their parents.  If any of these profile issues fits the description of your child please consider allowing one of our educational consultants assist you in the placement of your child. Please call 866-439-4818. Student Profile of a Troubled Teen.