Teenage Suicide Information for Parents of Troubled Teens


The condition of the teenage mind can be a disturbing scary place. It can be self destructive, and even cause fatal results, such as teen suicide.

Suicide continues to be an issue among teenagers at an alarming rate. As adults, we often forget how frightening and helpless it feels when we were going through adolescence. Being a teenager can be a daily struggle. Low self esteem, inaccurate self imaging, and stress of school can all be leading factors in the suicide of a teen.

At Strugglingteens.co we understand how young women with underlying issues.  Such as:

  • Disharmony in the family
  • Unhealthy or abusive relationships or a break-up
  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Feelings of anger and guilt
  • Physical or mental disorders
  • Poor academic performance
  • Sibling rivalry
  • History of suicide within close circle
  • Experience of a personal loss
  • Inability to handle hardships due to low energy and depression
  • Low Self-Esteem

Think back to when you were a teen. Did you have more struggles than you do now? More than average of the population will say yes. Since being a teen, you have learned how to cope with loss, regret, adversity and many other struggles that are in everyday life. But as a teenager all of these “grown up” hardships, are entirely new. Some teens can handle it well, and mature at a faster rate. Some teens have a hard time adapting to their new part of life, some to go as far as ending their lives.

I believe that most teen suicides are due to lack of knowledge and ignorance. In the mind of a suicidal teen, the harder life gets, the worse it is. As they go through high school and develop new found stresses for real life hardships, a teens’ life will get harder, and the struggles more intense. The suicidal teen will look at their lives as helpless at ther specific time. They look at their life as a continuous downhill struggle due to their new arising issues. They find life helpless and it a complete waste that they’re still alive. A suicidal teen getting bullied at school, probably thinks her abuse is the way will continue throughout her life. He probably wouldn’t be looking at the big picture. her thoughts of life would most likely not surpass her high school years. Instead of looking forward to college or a career later on in her life, the suicidal teen believes he’ll always be a target for bullying, thus he believes he is a good candidate for death.

There is a way to reach out to these troubled teens. There is a way to show them the truth of life. It is important that we let the teen know the hardships in life won’t exactly get easier, but her/her adapting skills will. We need to let them know that there are millions and millions of opportunities for them and their future. Tell them about the gift of children and the pleasures of marriage. Implant as much positive facts of life as you possibly can. Describe how hard it was for you growing up, and how you eventually were able to cope with your struggles. As a former depressed teen, I can assure you they will help.

If you are in crisis with your struggling daughter please call one of our Child Placement Specialists at 866-439-4818.  At Re-Creation Retreat we are here to serve you and your family.