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Teenage alcohol abuse leads to all kinds of trouble and detrimental outcomes. Teenage alcohol abuse can cause alcohol-related health disorders, disease and accidents, crime and anti-social behavior and driving offenses, loss of productivity in the workplace and problems for teenage boys and girls who abuse alcohol.  Teenage alcohol abuse can cause abuse toward family members, including the main cause of domestic violence. Alcohol is the most commonly abused substance by teenage kids with serious social, economic and health costs for the teen and society.

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Alcohol is a harmful drug among the teenagers and is accepted in many societies. Mostly teenage kids tend to be low-risk drinkers and experience little harm caused by alcohol for most of the time. However, when a teenage kid abuses alcohol, drinks above the capable level, it rise a high level risk to their health. Alcohol is a major risk factor and also may be prevented by teens for some risk factor as wide varieties of diseases and injuries, cardiovascular disease, liver cirrhosis, alcohol dependency and certain cancers. It may also be the reason for motor vehicle accidents, suicide, drowning, violence, educational problems and domestic fires among teenagers.

The alcohol is abuse by teenage boys and girls is two-fold; one that drinks inappropriately on occasion and the other that is consistency engages in appropriate drinking. In the first case the teenagers have a behavior of misconduct and in the other case they are likely to have associated health, absence and long-term performance problems. Some of the teenage kid have the problems of diabetes and epilepsy. Consequently when dealing with problems caused by suspected alcohol misuse, the teenagers should arrange appropriate assessment and make a full investigation of all the circumstances before deciding the appropriate action.

In spite of the fact that more teenage kids use alcohol than any other drug, studies of teenage alcohol misuse are relatively rare. Those that exist frequently fail to include high school dropouts and often focus on only part of the problem, such as how much or how often the teen drinks. Among the alcohol misuse teenagers about to 65 percent are those teenagers that are found in some form of alcohol misuse. The two third parts of the teenagers have engaged in high risk drinking and from overall 55 percent of teenagers are experiencing one or more alcohol related problems. More stringent estimates that require variety or persistence of risky drinking and/or alcohol-related problems still capture between 44% and 56% of this population.

Problems Associated With Alcohol Misuse:

  • Nervousness
  • Insomnia
  • Low memory and low concentration
  • Feeling of self neglect
  • Depressed mood
  • Accident or injury causes by alcohol misuse
  • Many physical diseases as ulcer, liver disease, diagnosis problem
  • Alcohol dependency

Education can help among teenagers to prevent from alcohol misuse. They should try to understand the symptoms and side effects produced by alcohol misuse. Instead of trying to stop all consumption of a drug used almost universally among teens, prevention efforts might more profitably focus on misuse of alcohol, albeit in connection with teen social life.