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Help for Troubled Teens in Crisis | At The Crossroads


Help for troubled teens in crisis is right here, right now.  In our experience in dealing with troubled teens throughout the United States and around the world we have discovered a glaring truth: Troubled teens across the board are in crisis and are desperate to get help in their lives. These troubled boys and girls and their parents long to get help for the things that are hurting them and their families. For more information about helping teens in crisis please contact our Family Advocate by calling 866-439-4818.

At The Crossroads presents this information to parents of troubled teens that are in crisis. At The Crossroads is a transitional living program for young men and women. We recommend At The Crossroads for young adults who need extra support to successfully navigate into adulthood. For more information regarding At The Crossroads, call 866-439-4818.

Teenage boys and girls are being harassed by other teens, having trouble in their relationships with their parents and friends, teen boys and girls are embarrassed around other teens, they are confused about teenage sex and its impact on themselves, their families, relationships and their future lives. They are saddened by their disconnection with their parents, the violence that is around them in their schools and in their neighborhoods and they fear that they are not living up to what it means to be a well adjusted teenage boy or teenage girl.

This troubled teen crisis is not limited to the big cities, it is a crisis that is happening across the states of America and also throughout the world. Here at we specialize in helping troubled teens in crisis and their families. This is not a job to us, it is our mission to help all struggling teens and their families to find peace and answers to this devastating time and crisis in their lives. If you would like to have one of our Admission specialists talk with you about your situation, please call: 866-439-4818.

Parents of troubled teens in crisis are often dealing with problems caused by drugs and alcohol, teen depression and teen suicide, teenage prostitution, teenage boys and girls who run away from home, families broken by divorce or abuse.