Troubled Teen Programs


Troubled Teen ProgramsThere are many types of programs running that continue at the private and government level. Many of these provide teens a friendly environment and natural consequences. These programs can be outdoor programs or indoor programs. Indoor programs include many types of boarding schools, military schools, and other residential programs. Outdoor programs are boot camps, brat camps, and wilderness programs. At risk youth programs are also included in this series. For immediate help from a Family Advocate please call 866-439-4818.

Teen boarding schools, private schools, catholic boarding school treatment centers, each of these vary in the level of therapy and services that they provide to teens. They give a strong and helpful educational environment for teens. The catholic boarding schools and Christian boarding schools provide knowledge based on the bible and based on the words of Jesus. These schools provide consistent therapeutic sessions with a structured positive peer culture setting. Military schools provide military based education .These schools teach students lessons of faith, discipline and honor. The boot camps and brat camps try to help a teen learn to deal with life without his or her medication (if they were using any medicine). The camps seem to have pretty good success with a philosophy based on structure and discipline. These camps can be a very effective way of teaching discipline and sending a positive message to troubled teens.

Wilderness programs have assisted teens to identify and work through internal and external conflicts and emotional obstacles that have kept them from responding to parental efforts and treatment. The wilderness programs underachieving and troubled teens with behavioral and academic problems achieve their full potential. Program, allows students to experience success, and rediscover a sense of self worth. is a different type of program for troubled teens. We believe that that a fresh start can happen every day! The world teaches us to be selfish, self-centered, and to meet our needs with recklessness. Our kids have bought into these schemes. The good news is that our kids are dissatisfied, unhappy, and miserable. Being such they are in a good position to see how deceptive selfishness is… they are beginning to understand that they have been duped, and many are ready to receive the truth and to come out of the nightmare they have been living. Being dissatisfied with the ways of the world has prepared them to seek the truth.