Troubled Teens Definition



The definition of "troubled teens" is an adolescents that has no respect for authority and mainly disrespect their parents. The definition of troubled teens is a kid who is self-focused, self-centered, and self-absorbed. They do not care about society or their families. They do not feel any responsibility towards their parent. If your troubled boy or troubled girl fits the following definition then by all means call one of our Family Advocates and GET HELP NOW!  Call 866-439-4818.

Adolescence is a point of life where the world no longer seems large, in fact some people who were once large are now quite small, and the troubled teen no longer respond to threats the way they may have as small children.

We have found those adolescents that have Defiance Disorder are very confrontational and need to have life their own way. It is a trait that some adolescent experience through their puberty years. The definition of a troubled teen is a defiant teen dealing in defiance toward authority.

Struggling teens, disrespectful teens, and angry teens can affect the entire family. The major reason for rebellion in adolescents and teenagers is for them to find their place in the adult world, to find where they belong in the greater scheme of things. The unmotivated teenager cannot know the limits of his or her behavior without first exploring the edges. Troubled teenagers only need the time, and life's lessons, to learn correct behavior.

Struggling teen's bodies and ideas are often equally awkward and unfinished but their struggle to master both is fascinating. Their transition from childhood to adulthood makes them troubled and angry. Parents of struggling teens describe the age of teens, adolescent or youth as a time of change, fear, rebellion, moodiness, disrespect, and frustration. But they accept it that it is a time of fun, growth, adventure, sharing, understanding, and learning.

The parents face a problem in their slowness to responding to the changed circumstances of their teens. Adolescents change so fast that their parents tend become a bit slower. Sometimes, conflict can occur simply because the parent doesn't realize they are talking to a young adult, not a large child. So be ready for change when your child is approaching their teens, don't wait until they get there. Research shows that a parent can help the rebellious teen about change their behavior and view. Youths should to challenge their parents' values, beliefs, and practices as a way to test parents and assert their independence.

Troubled teens need support and guidance from their parents to make important decisions about their future.  Call us at 866-439-4818.