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Overcoming Violence Against Parents From Troubled Teens | At The Crossroads


At we take violence against parents, perpetrated by their own troubled teenagers, very seriously. Occasionally a troubled teen will reveal that they were violent and emotionally abusive toward their parents, abuse that their family fail to reveal.  Moreover, many of our parents describe that the reason they are considering a therapeutic boarding schools is because their troubled teen had become physically abusive.  Mostly, it is the mother that has been abused by the daugther.  Although we have almost as many incidents reported between father and son.  The sad truth is that many teenagers exhibit violence towards their family. It is becoming more and more prevelant. Usually, violence toward to a family member is a learned behavior; teens often learn violent behaviors from their peers, and use that experience to attack their parents.  Teens attacking their parents is a very serious matter.

At The Crossroads presents this information to the parents of violent teens with abusive behaviors. At The Crossroads is a transitional living program for young adults who are struggling to grow up. We teach the values and skills necessary to living independently and becoming a mature adult. For parents of young adults who are emotionaly immature, we recommend At The Crossroads to help your son or daughter overcome this phase in their lives. Please call 866-439-4818 for more information.

Some of the teenagers learn violence in their neighborhoods and in the society at large (movies, rap songs, video games, etc). Many child development experts claim that the  reason for violent behavior is due to the regular viewing of television, playing violent video games, listening to violent music or watching violent movies. Some efforts are being made by social workers and other parts of the government to decrease the exposure of teenagers to violence in the home, community, and through the media.  Although we applaud the social workers and secular therapy approaches, the truth is that Christ is the only answer.  There is so much damage in the parent-child relationship when the conflict escalates to the level of violence.  At we suggest that the parents address past violence with the truth found in the word.  To rebuild the trust that is lost the troubled teen must have a real heart change.  With help most troubled teens come to a place of repentance, regret, and plead for forgiveness.

Parental abuse is the main topic for social service agencies that are working with families. They are told that the violent among family members from their teenagers is widespread and increasing all the time. Studies show that teen-parents violence represents a significant social problem. Many participants in the field have raised views about lack of information regarding parental abuse. The reasons for the violence is multifaceted.  Many social factors create a disconnect between teen and his/her parents.  In today's society many parents are not motivated to bond with their teen and adolescent. Many parents are too busy with their profession or other recreational venues and neglect the nurturing of a healthy relationship.  Without a strong relationship with their caretakers/parents/guardians violent behaviors can develop.  These behaviors threaten not only the parent, but can negatively effect the entire family structure, including other siblings. The most common violent behavior is yelling often rudely or using rough language which affects the parents physically and emotionally.  The number one factor of teenage violence toward his/her parents is due to drug and alcohol use by the troubled boy or girl.

The father's behavior can be used to predict the violent behavior shown by their teenagers according to their age and gender. The mother's behavior can also be used to predict behavior including family crises, family relations and self-esteem that has occurred in her childhood. So to build self-esteem, encourage a healthy home environment, and create proper coping skills to help reduce violent acts. Often in many homes you can get a gun easily. It is a weapon which is can misused by highly violent teens. The gun should be kept in very safe place and it must be out of reach of your teens and their friends. There may be other family members that are depressed or anxious. The gun also must be kept unloaded and locked. Only responsible adults should have the key.

It used to be that boys were more likely to be involved in violent behavior than girls, but that has changed. The factors that cause violence in boys and girls most likely found in their group of friends and other social influencers. It used to be that only boys go to see violent movies. Today girls are known to enjoy the violence in movies just as much as the boys. Rude behavior, difficulty in school performance and use of illicit drugs have been identified as predictors of teenage violence. The parents should try to supervise their teenager’s activities as much as they are able. If there is a problem then it is discussed and you both, parents and their teens, work out a solution.